As a children’s author and an English as a Second Language specialist, I write and publish books from a unique East-West perspective. Educators and parents use my children’s books to help bridge the cultural divide between the Orient and the Occident. In Canada, my work is in public library collections. I have received several prestigious awards and accolades. 
In June, 2011, CCTV (Chinese Central TV) came to Canada to interview me, and aired my life story in a two-part documentary around the globe. Since then many Chinese publishers have knocked on my door. I chose to work with one publisher to start with. 
In a country where children’s books are manufactured as commodities and written with little awareness of either higher Western standards or child- centered pedagogy, my books have proven very popular. I was amazed at how fast my popularity soared over there, and how sought-after I was as a media guest and guest lecturer. Whenever I speak to parent and teachers groups, I find some audience members have traveled for hours across whole provinces to attend. In November 2013, strong demand led to the Internet company, Sohu, inviting me to talk online – for an hour-and-a-half – to their two million parent viewers. The topic was "Tips for Teaching ESL to Children."

Little Wen series came out before June 2012, and broke the record in children’s books pre-sales in China. Little Wen is a small girl with a strong personality and pronounced character – unusual traits in portrayals of Chinese girls. Little Wen was subsequently selected by the government’s China Classics International for a global promotional project. Out of 370,000 titles published in 2012, Little Wen was voted one of the “Top 100 Best Books of the Year” by China Reading Weekly. Another book The Story of My Father and His Father was published for Father's Day. This heart touching story was another success. 
Even though many Chinese publishers have knocked on my door, I am not, however, in a hurry to put out more books simply in order to cash in on my fame. What I am interested in is producing quality literature for children and promoting it in a way that will reach the largest number of people. It seems to me that developing a cross-promotional platform with an industry already widely established in China would be the best method for me to achieve my purpose and for that company to reap valuable public relations benefits.

Why not, I thought, broaden a company's promotion campaign to include helping improve reader education and ESL learning among Chinese children?
Studying English as a second language has become more and more popular among Chinese children. I have written some picture books to cater to their needs. For ESL learners, Han Bear is a must-have. The 10 books in this series were specially written for Chinese children acquiring English. The stories have a simple plot, funny exposition, and are told in short, repetitious sentences with gradually increasing vocabulary. Audio CDs are available, too.
​Some advertising agencies have contacted me. But I have my own list of potential corporate partners. If you think your company should be on my list, I would like to hear from you.

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